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Module Descriptions

You may also download the modular descriptions in four packages at the Download-page.

Last Update

July 2012

Disciplinary Modules (60 CP acc. to ECTS)

Supplementary Program (Begleitstudium, 15 CP acc. to ECTS)



Module descriptions will be updated until October 2012.



Compulsory Elective Modules (15 CP acc. to ECTS)

Individual modules comprise 5 CP acc. to ECTS. Students will select three modules for individual specialization from the Topics listed below. The completion of Module 8 "Intercultural Communication" is a prerequisite for registering for module examinations of compulsory elective modules.

Choices. Students have to select a minimum of 2 modules from the modules listed in Topics 1-4. Students may select a maximum of 1 module from the general Course Catalogue of KIT upon application with the Examination Board "Resources Engineering". The application has to be addressed to the Examination Board until the first week of the lecture period of each semester. Students have to consult the responsible lecturers concerning the module examination.

Advise. Students may address all examiners for advice in selecting a specific set of compulsory elective modules (acc. to SPO 2010 § 15 Subsection 2).


Module descriptions will be updated until October 2012.


Topic 1: Water Resources Engineering

Topic 2: Nutrient Cycles/ Environmental Pollution

Topic 3: Infrastructure & Regional Planning

Topic 4: Environmental Management

Topic 5: Skills & Competencies


Additional Modules

Students may take additional module examinations for a maximum sum of 12 CP acc. to ECTS. Upon request of the student the result of a maximum of two modules, which are each worth a maximum sum of 9 CP acc. to ECTS, will be recorded in the Master Certificate (Masterzeugnis).

The student must declare an examination as an additional credit at the time of registration for that examination. Grades given for additional modules will not be considered when calculating the overall grade. Nevertheless, all grades given for additional modules will be recorded in the Transcript of Records.