Resources Engineering - a water-oriented Master Study Program


This subsection provides information on the relevant regulations concerning admission (Admission Regulations) and 4-semester studies (Study & Examination Regulations, Curriculum) entered into force from October 2010. For regulations entered into force prior to October 2010, please refer to the Section "Alumni" → "Regulations (prior to Oct 2010)."

To enter into force, regulations have to pass through a series of KIT-board decisions
(Examination Board → BGU Departmental Board → KIT Senate). The Module Book incl. Lecture Descriptions are no regulations; they are subject to regular changes by the lecturers coordinated through the Resources Engineering-Office (REO).


Departmental Admission and Examination Board "Resources Engineering" (Zulassungs- & Prüfungskommission, ZPK)

Tasks. The board of the Master Study Program prepares updates of the Admission Regulations, the Study & Examination Regulations (SPO), and the Curriculum for review by the BGU Departmental Board and the KIT Senate. The board decides on student issues based on the Admission Regulations as well as Study and Examination regulations including the Curriculum. The board convenes at the beginning of the lecture period of each semester (usually in May and October).

Members. The board is composed of three professors, two lecturers and the student speaker. Current members of the departmental board:


BGU Departmental Board (Fakultätsrat)

Tasks. The BGU Departmental Board prepares updates of  Admission Regulations, Study & Examination Regulations (SPO), and Curricula of affiliated study programs for review by the KIT Senate. The Departmental Board decides on issues concerning the department's structure and development as well as the finances.

Members. For a list of current members see Mitglieder des Fakultätsrats.


KIT Senate (Senat)

The KIT-Senate comments on global KIT-structure and KIT-development plans.