Resources Engineering - a water-oriented Master Study Program


When looking for a place to stay students have three options:


Next to the KIT-Mensa there's the Studentenwerk (Bldg. 01.12). Students may sign up for rooms in dormatories with the Studentenwerk - usually there is a long waiting list. Offers for private rooms can be found downstairs (on the left-hand side, next to the entrance of the Cafeteria). Landlords inform the Studentenwerk about what kinds of appartments they have available. The advantage is that these landlords welcome having students in their appartments. This service is well organized and is worth daily checking for new offers!

It may be difficult to find an appartment for rent between August and November because many students are on the lookout for places to stay. In December the situation usually relaxes. This means that students may take offers lasting until the end of December and try for a new appartment for January.


The local newspaper Badische Neuste Nachrichten (BNN) has the "Wohnungsmarkt (Mietgesuch/ Vermietung)" section Wednesdays and Saturdays.

There are also a few free local newspapers with
sections called "Vermietungen" or "Wohnungssangebote", like Der Kurier and Sperrmüll. Students have to make sure they get the ones for Karlsruhe. Sperrmüll also features sections for private offers of household appliances, furniture, and more.


Some useful links, when searching for a room: