Resources Engineering - a water-oriented Master Study Program

Costs of Living

When planning your studies at the KIT, you should also plan your monthly living expenses. It would be unfortunate if you had to quit your studies for lack of money.

You should plan on spending at least 800 EUR per month (+ incidental expenses). Your budget plan should include the following mothly expenses:

Accommodation (incl. utilities)

275,00 EUR

Food, drugstore products, medicine/doctor's fee

175,00 EUR

Clothes,  housewares

75,00 EUR

Books, learning material

50,00 EUR


75,00 EUR

Fon, Internet, GEZ (TV fee)

50,00 EUR

Public Transportation (Semesterticket)

 20,00 EUR


80,00 EUR




800,00 EUR

Concerning the fees to study "Resources Engineering" at KIT, please refer to the "Fees"-section.

Further information: