Resources Engineering - a water-oriented Master Study Program


The accredited water-oriented Master Study Program "Resources Engineering" is aimed at educating students who will engage in water stewardship around the globe. We expect graduates to take leadership positions in basic water resources research and in applied fields such as integrated river basin management, sanitation engineering, or hydropower engineering.



The accredited water-oriented Master Study Program "Resources Engineering" provides a forum for multi-disciplinary academic studies. Emphasis is given to aspects of civil engineering, geo- and environmental sciences. Students will learn to apply the scientific knowledge acquired for handling the natural resource water. The study will enable students to evaluate the optimal field of application and the efficiency of solutions to complex problems in research and society. In short, the study promotes knowledge, and competencies essential for contributing to integrated resources management and R&D projects; this includes applying the technical standard that is feasible for development cooperation.



To get in contact with the Resources Engineering Office, please write an e-mail giving details and asking specific questions. As a rule, we do NOT answer phone calls.