Promotionen Wintersemester 2021/22


Name Titel
Tag der Prüfung
Hauptreferent Korreferent
Sina Katrin Hale, M.Sc. Coupled Hydraulic-mechanical-chemical Processes in Porous and Fractured Rocks 28.02.2022 Prof. Dr. habil. Philipp Blum Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Christoph Hilgers
Yefim Shtirkin, M.Sc. Impact of Clogging Minerals and Groundwater Extraction on Mobility of Arsenic in Aquifers 16.02.2022 Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Stefan Norra Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Jochen Kolb
Markus Maximilian Scherer, M.Sc. Turbulent Coherent Structures, Secondary Currents and Sediment Ridges 04.02.2022 Prof. Dr. Markus Uhlmann Prof. Dr. Paolo Blondeaux (Università di Genova)
Boitumelo Ruf, M.Sc. Fast Dense Depth Estimation from UAV-borne Aerial Imagery for the Assistence of Emergency Forces 26.01.2022 Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Stefan Hinz Associate Prof. Dr. Franceso Nex (Università di Genova)
Michele Trevisson, M.Sc. Sweep and Clean A Laboratory Investigation on Fine-sediment Erosion in Immobile Coarse-grained Beds 15.12.2021 Prof. Dr. Olivier Eiff Prof. Dubravka Pokrajac, PhD (University of Twente)
Jia Wang, M.Sc. Thermal Modeling and Inversion of Borehole Temperature Data 14.12.2021 Prof. Dr. Thomas Kohl Prof. Dr. Ingo Sass (University of Aberdeen)
Dipl.-Systemwiss. Markus Jahn Distributed and Parallel Data Management to Support Geo-Scientific Simulation Implementations 15.12.2021 Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Martin Breunig Prof. Dr. Mulhim Al Doori (TU Darmstadt)
Stefania Rizzo, M.Sc. Experimental Characterization and Modelling of Textile Reinforced Masonry Structures with the Equivalent Frame Method 10.12.2021 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Lothar Stempniewski Prof. Sergio Lagomarsino, PhD (University of Fujairah)
Stephanie Thiesen, M.Sc. Information Theory for Nonparametric Learning and Probabilistic Prediction - Applications in Earth Science and Geostatistics 06.12.2021 Dr.-Ing. Uwe Ehret Prof. Dr. Olivier Eiff
Titus Kimani Githua, M.Sc. Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) Implementation based on a Case Study in the Mara River Basin, Kenya 16.11.2021 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c. mult. Franz Nestmann Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. rer. pol. Dr. h.c. Karl-Ulrich Rudolph
Dipl.-Wi.-Ing. Annett Schöttle Voraussetzungen und Anreize für die kollaborative Lean-Projektabwicklung im öffentlichen Bausektor 10.11.2021 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Fritz Gehbauer, M.S. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Racky (Universität Witten/Herdecke)
Patrick Hübner, M.Sc. Indoor Mapping and Reconstruction with Mobile Augmented Reality Sensor Systems 29.10.2021 Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Stefan Hinz Prof. Dr. Ir. George Vosselman (Universität Kassel)
Philipp Maximilian Maier, M.Sc. Towards a Generalized Machine Learning Approach for Estimating Chlorophyll Values in Inland Waters with Spectral Data 28.10.2021 Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Stefan Hinz apl. Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Stefan Norra (Universität Potsdam)
Mareike Kohm, M.Sc. Entwicklung eines Messsystems zur modalbasierten Schädigungsanalyse von Brückenüberbauten 29.10.2021 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Lothar Stempniewski Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Manfred Bischoff (Universität Stuttgart)
Dipl.-Ing. Anna Katarina Giovanella Topologische Konsistenzanalyse von großen multidimensionalen geographischen Datenbeständen 22.10.2021 Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Stefan Hinz Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Martin Breunig
Romy Rehschuh, M.Sc. Stress and Recovery Dynamics in Scots Pine: The Impacts of Heat and Drought in Carbon and Water Cycling 21.10.2021 Dr. Nadine Rühr, KIT Associate Fellow Prof. Dr. Almut Arneth
Hamdi Akmal Lubis, M.Eng.Sc. Application of a Low-cost Decision-making Tool for Sustainable Building Design of Schools - Using a Developing Region in Indonesia as a Case Study 04.10.2021 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Wi.-Ing. Kunibert Lennerts Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c. mult. Franz Nestmann