KIT-Department of Civil Engineering, Geo and Environmental Sciences

History of the Department


At the beginning of the foundation of the University of Karlsruhe stood the engineer Johann Gottfried Tulla. 1807 he founded an Engineering School in order to educate employees for the administration for Highway Building and Hydraulic Engineering, which was organized by him. An architect joined this project: Friedrich Weinbrenner, his Building School arose from the Architectural Drawing School, which existed since 1787. The union of Tulla’s Engineering School and Weinbrenner’s Building School with the Academy of Machine Construction of Freiburg and a School of Forestry gave rise to the foundation of a Polytechnic School in 1807. It achieved academic quality and was called “technical academy”. Tulla, the principal of the highway building and hydraulic administration of Baden County had already intensely prepared the project. In Paris short after Napoleon’s coup d'état he had got to know the Polytechnic University of Ecole – the University, which at first gave its students a basic scientific education, before it specialised the prospective engineers in their future profession.
Today both the traditional acquiring of basic scientific knowledge and accomplishing of applied scientific work are regarded as equally important at the University Fridericiana, how the university is called since 1902. And Tulla's special field of activity - the regulation of the Rhein is still researched today. Since 2002 Geo- and Environmental Sciences and the Civil Engineering work together within this department. Thus the dovetail connection and interaction of building structures and their environment and the study of intervention/interference in the city and cultivated landscape are accommodated during the education and research.

Former Professors of the KIT-Department of Civil Engineering, Geo and Environmental Sciences