Master's program in Geoecology

The master's program in Geoecology in Karlsruhe offers research-oriented learning. The students acquire the latest methods of environmental monitoring and environmental modelling.

Regular duration of studies: 4 semesters

ECTS credits: 120

Course language: German

with restricted admission: yes


Study structure and contents

The program aims to qualify students for a research-related professional activity in the fields of environment, sustainable land use and ecosystem management. Students acquire broad and in-depth knowledge in a selection of these environmental sciences and acquire methodological skills that include the latest procedures.

The program offers specialisation in (1.) soil biogeochemistry and isotope methods, (2.) vegetation ecology and environmental remote sensing, (3.) ecosystem management and floodplain ecology, whereby two of these three directions are chosen, as well as a wide range of choices.

The program concludes with a Master's thesis, for which a maximum duration of 12 months is planned in order to answer the question, which should be able to be worked on in six months.


On the basis of the technical and methodological fundamentals from the Bachelor of Geoecology, the aim is to learn how to apply such knowledge and understanding in professional practice. This includes identifying gaps in knowledge and, if necessary, research questions, choosing suitable methods for their elimination, e.g. from field methods, programming, statistics, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), remote sensing, environmental analysis and planning, organising projects based on a division of labour and finally communicating the work and its results. In the Master Geoecology the knowledge in the methods of environmental research as well as in the specialisation of geoecology is deepened and the competences are extended.

The Master's Degree in Geoecology is particularly aimed at developing skills to independently solve environmental issues in the fields of vegetation science and ecology, soil science and material cycles as well as river and floodplain ecology. A problem-oriented approach in teaching serves this purpose. The Master's program also offers the opportunity to specialise in numerous elective modules in the fields of ecology, climatology, hydrology, geology, methods and environmental and energy management. The elective modules reflect the broad spectrum of subjects at KIT.


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