Master's program in Geography (teaching profession at the Gymnasium level)

Regular duration of study: 4 semesters

ECTS points: 120 (of which: 27 points in the main subject geography, 27 points in the second main subject geography, 17 points in the bachelor thesis in one of the two main subjects or in educational science, 33 points in educational science, 16 points from the school practice semester)

Course language: German

with restricted admission: no


Study structure and contents

The geography sub-degree can be combined with the following subjects: Biology, Chemistry, German, Computer Science, Mathematics, NWT, Philosophy/Ethics, Physics and Sports. A combination with art (Academy of Arts) and music (Academy of Music) is also possible.


The admission requirement for the geography sub-degree is a passed teacher training Bachelor's program in the geography sub-subject, in the Bachelor's program in teaching at Gymnasium level or a sub-degree with essentially the same content or an at least equivalent degree at a German university or at a foreign university. The course of study must comprise parts of two subject areas, subject didactics, educational science and school practical studies and must comprise at least 180 LP. If the course of study largely meets these requirements and no more than 50 LPs are required, admission can be granted subject to conditions.

In principle, the following minimum performance is required:

Climatology: 2 LP

Biogeography or Vegetation Science: 2 LP

Geomorphology: 2 LP

Soil science: 2 LP

Population geography: 2 LP

Economic geography: 2 LP

urban geography: 2 LP

Spatial planning: 2 LP

Cartography: 2 LP

Geographical information systems: 2 LP

Statistics: 2 LP

Geographical excursions: 2 LP

Geographical field exercises: 3 LP

Two geographical seminars: 2 LP each

Didactics of Geography: 6 LP

For the selection procedure, the overall grade of the Bachelor's degree and the overall grade of the geography sub-degree are taken into account.


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