Introduction of your Doctoral Convention

Welcome to the homepage of the convention of doctoral researchers at KIT-Department of Civil Engineering, Geo and Environmental Sciences

Brief Introduction: your doctoral "student council"

All doctoral researchers accepted at the department are part of the convention. It is represented by the elected board. It is the representation of interests with a guest seat in the department council and is available to the doctoral researchers of the department in an advisory capacity.

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Current Projects

Flyer at the start of your doctorate or employment relationship
At the beginning of the work at KIT or for the beginning of the doctorate, you receive a lot of important information from many directions, e.g. from KHYS and the doctoral regulations. What is the "acceptance as doctoral candidate at the department" and what is the "application for admission to the doctoral procedure"? Why are they important? Who can I contact? Answers to all these questions and more will be available to everyone in a clear flyer in the future. The advisory board of doctoral researchers is takes care of this project KIT-wide, while the doctoral conventions of the individual departments contribute the department-specific information.
KIT-wide doctoral researcher survey
Every three years, all doctoral students of KIT, i.e. all doctoral researchers accepted at a departement, are queried in a large survey. The next one will take place this year, 2023. We are working with other KIT doctoral conventions to ensure that new topics that are important to all of us are included in this survey. These include questions about mental health as well as questions about power abusement. In addition, we want to shorten the questionnaire in general. We hope that through this collaborative project, we can help to better capture doctoral conditions so that we can make them better for everyone.
Vice speaker of the advisory board of the doctoral researchers
Not a project, but great news: Christin Kannen, our 2nd chair, has been elected as vice speaker of the advisory board of doctoral researchers! We wish her all the best for this new position!


Enrollment for doctoral researchers
In December 2021, mandatory enrollment for doctoral researchers was also introduced at KIT. In principle, enrollment is mandatory for all doctoral researchers accepted by a KIT department, unless they are working full-time at KIT and declare that they do not want to be enrolled. For further information, please click here.
What exactly is the convention of doctoral students?

The convention of doctoral researchers of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Geo- and Environmental Sciences is the association of all doctoral researchers accepted at the department according to § 38 para. 7 of the state university act as well as the resolution of the KIT senate of 17.11.2014. The convention elects a board once a year in a plenary meeting. This board actively promotes their interests, represents them in the department council and in the KIT-wide convention-meeting, and is available to all doctoral researchers for advice on questions concerning the doctorate.

With what concerns can you contact us?
  • Questions about doctorate registration at the department
  • Questions about further organizational steps
  • Suggestions for improvement of the general conditions of the doctorate
How do I find a doctoral position at the faculty?
We do not offer jobs. Usually, the application process is managed directly by the institutes and the associated professors. Certainly, it is a good idea to look at the job advertisements of KIT
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