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For all CAS students, the registration for the final thesis takes place exclusively online. The responsible contact person at the institute creates the thesis for the student in CAS so that the student can then register for the thesis via the student portal. For detailed information please refer to the guideline (in German).

Guideline Bachelor's Theses Civil Engineering (pdf) (in German)
Guideline Master's Theses Civil Engineering (pdf) (in German)

Final documents / Final certificate

Final documents will be issued once all grades have been entered and the final thesis report has been submitted to the Study Program Service BGU for grade publication.

The final documents are:
- Certificate and diploma (bilingual German and English)
- Transcript of Records (in German and English)
- Diploma Supplements

More information about the final documents can be found on the KIT website graduation documents.

Recognition of internship Civil Engineering Bachelor

For recognition and accounting of the internship in Civil Engineering please contact the Internship Office, Dr. Kron.

Recognition of other or external study and examination achievements

Please contact the examination board responsible for your study program for the recognition of other or external achievements.

Conditional examinations

If you have been granted conditions upon admission, these will be administered online in CAS. The corresponding modules or bricks are stored in your study planby the Study Program Service BGU.

Stay abroad / Study abroad

Earning credit points, gaining work experience in an international company, and improving your language skills: there are many opportunities for a stay abroad during your studies. Our Erasmus department coordinators will be happy to advise you.

Certificates (general)

On the KIT website certificates you will find further information about certificates that can be issued via the study portal or the KIT Student Service.
For these and other certificates not listed there, you will find the contact persons in this overview.

Career Service / Job Wall

The KIT Career Service provides advice on the transition to professional life and offers a variety of workshops and events.
The job market contains numerous job advertisements for permanent positions, trainee programs, internships, and much more.

German Scholarship (Deutschlandstipendium)

The Deutschlandstipendium at KIT comprises a grant of 300 € per month for a period of one year. The scholarship is paid independent of income and parents and does not count towards BAföG.

Declaration of the date of the last part of the examination and the announcement of the overall result of the successfully completed studies (form for BaföG office)

On the part of the BaföG Office, the official letter of congratulations from KIT in combination with the certificate is requested as proof.

Academic advisors

Do you have questions about your studies? Our academic advisors will be happy to help you.

Deadline extension for graduation

The examination board is responsible for deadline extensions. You can find the website or contact persons of the examination boards of your study program on our website Examination boards.

Prior master's transfer account

Please refer to the module handbook of your study program for the conditions for prior master's examinations. Online registration is required for all prior master's examinations. The prerequisite for this is that the corresponding modules or bricks are stored in your study plan. Their insertion takes place upon written application to the Study Program Service BGU. In your e-mail, please state the exact module or brick name according to the module handbook and the corresponding examination number (e.g. T-BGU-123456 or T-MATH-000000).

Prior master's transfer account: Transfer to the Master's program

Transfer of prior master's examinations must be requested within the first Master's semester.
Students of the Civil Engineering program submit the completed and signed Transfer of Master's Preferential Credits form (pdf) (in German) to the BGU Study Program Service.
Students in the Geodesy and Geoinformatics program submit the Transfer of Master's Preferential Credits GuG form (pdf) (in German) to the study advisor.
Students in the Geoecology and Applied Geosciences programs should contact directly the appropriate study advisor.

Module handbooks

The module handbooks can be found on our website Study Programs under the tab "Module handbooks".

Compensation of disadvantages for permanent health impairments

On the KIT website Studying with Special Needs, you will find information as well as the contact details of the contact person for prospective students, students, and KIT members on studying with disabilities, chronic illness, and partial performance disorders.

Orientation examination

The orientation examination is not an examination at a specific point in time, but several examinations from the regular study plan of the first two semesters of the respective study program, each of which is defined as a partial examination of the orientation examination in the study and examination regulations.

The orientation examination is intended to serve as a check on the decision to study and to correct any wrong decisions without losing a great deal of time. Therefore, the orientation examination must be passed in the first two semesters, including repetitions at the latest by the end of the examination period of the 3rd semester.

Notes on deadline extension / second repetition:
The responsible examination board can extend the deadline for proving the orientation examination upon justified request. This is usually the case if there are comprehensible reasons for which the applicant is not responsible.
The examinations that are part of the orientation examination in a study program are explicitly named in the examination regulations of the respective study programs. The orientation examination does not interfere with the regular procedure of these examinations:
As with any other exam, a retake exam will take place if the student fails. If this repeat examination is taken in written form (written exam), an oral re-examination follows if the student fails again. Only if this is also not passed is the examination considered to have been definitively failed.

For examinations within the scope of the orientation examination, however, there is no possibility to apply for a second repetition.

Internship in the Bachelor's Program Civil Engineering

An internship is not mandatory in the Bachelor of Civil Engineering. However, it is possible to complete an internship and receive credit points for it. More detailed information can be found in the module handbookPlease contact the Internship Office, Dr. Kron, for the recognition and accounting of the internship in Civil Engineering.

Internship in the Bachelor's Program Applied Geosciences

A minimum 6-week professional internship is mandatory and is scheduled for the 4th semester. Students independently search for private or public institutions where the internship can be completed. Further information and the current contact person can be found on the website of the Institute of Applied Geosciences or in the module handbook.

Internship in the Bachelor's Program Geography (teaching profession at the Gymnasium level)

As a component of the accompanying educational science studies, a 3-week orientation internship must be completed during the bachelor's program at a Gymnasium or at a vocational school in Baden-Württemberg. Detailed information can be found on the website of the Center for Teaching Education (ZLB) (in German).

Internship in the Bachelor's Program Geodesy and Geoinformatics

As of the winter semester 2015/16, an internship is no longer required (see also website for Bachelor Geodesy and Geoinformatics) (in German).

Internship in the Bachelor's Program Geoecology

During the bachelor's program, students must complete a professional internship of at least 6 weeks, which is scheduled for the 5th semester. Information and the current contact person can be found on the website of the Institute of Geography and Geoecology under FAQ.

Exam registration

Students in CAS
All examinations, including supplementary examinations, master's preferential credits, additional examinations, etc., must be registered online. The prerequisite for online registration is that the corresponding course or examination has been selected in the study plan. If a certain achievement cannot be selected in the system, e.g. as an additional examination, this selection can be made by the Study Program Service Bau-Geo-Umwelt. The request for this choice should be sent by e-mail to the Study Program Service BGU. If you have any other problems with an examination registration, please also contact the Study Program Service BGU immediately.

Students in HIS-POS
Most examinations can be registered for online. If online registration is not possible, e.g. in the case of a Master's preferential credits, you can download the "blue form" here. Examinations registration form (in German) available for download here.
Please have the completed routing slip countersigned for validity at the KIT Studierendenservice and then hand it in to the examiner in charge.

Students from other KIT study programs
Online registration is in principle also possible for students from all other study programs. In case of problems, however, they should contact the contact persons or contact points for the respective study program.

Examination board

There is an examination board for each study program. This committee ensures compliance with the provisions of the SPO and makes decisions in examination matters. It decides on the recognition of study periods as well as study and examination achievements.

Exam deregistration

A deregistration from written examinations is possible without giving reasons until the issue of the examination or in the student portal until midnight of the previous day. A deregistration from oral examinations must be declared to the examiner three working days before the examination date.

In the case of deregistration or missing performance assessments after they have already begun, the reason must be reported in writing to the examination board responsible for your study program without delay and must be made credible. Depending on the study program, in justified exceptional cases, deregistration can also be made online at the Student Service or the Study Program Service BGU within business hours.


Information on re-registration for the upcoming semester can be found on the KIT website Re-registration.

Key qualifications (interdisciplinary qualifications)

In the module Key Qualifications all courses from the following institutions can be taken:
- House of Competence (HoC)
- Centre for Applied Cultural Studies (ZAK)
- Studium Generale of the ZAK
- Language Center (SpZ) (with the exception of German courses)
- special KIT-faculty-internal offers

For the exact conditions, please refer to the module manual of your study program.

The achievements are recorded with or without a grade (as certified by the lecturer), but the area "Interdisciplinary Qualifications" is only shown as passed / not passed in the study schedule. Thus, only the credit points and not the grades are taken into account for the degree (both in the Bachelor and in the Master).

In order to transfer the extracurricular qualification into your study plan, the original signed application (in German) must be sent to the BGU Study Program Service.

New for students of Civil Engineering and Geodesy and Geoinformatics: As of winter term 2021/22, you have the option of booking these courses yourself. The procedure for this is described in the module handbook of your study program under the item "Interdisciplinary qualifications". If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Study Program Service BGU.

Study financing

An overview of further possibilities how to finance your studies besides BAföG and scholarships can be found on the KIT website Study Financing (website in German).

Studying in special life situations

Information on the compatibility of studies and family, pregnancy and maternity leave during studies, support for people with disabilities/chronic illness, compensation for disadvantages, support for blind and visually impaired students, and top-class sports during studies can be found on the KIT website Studying in Special Life Situations (in German).

Transition Bachelor to Master

How to proceed if you want to start a master's program at KIT after having completed a bachelor's program at KIT is explained on the KIT website re-registration.

Leave of Absence

On the KIT webiste "leave of absence" you will find all information and the form for the application for leave of absence/semester of leave.

Additional accomplishments

Depending on the course of studies, up to 30 LP of additional accomplishments can be earned. Additional accomplishments do not affect the extent or the grade of the degree. They are usually registered online. All examinations offered by KIT can be chosen as additional examinations. In this way, e.g. modules from other disciplines, KIT-Departments or study programs can be taken. Please contact the Study Program Service BGU in order to insert them into your study plan.

Additional accomplishments are not shown in the transcript of records, but in the transcript of grades. Exception: If you have taken entire modules and placed them in your study plan, they will also be listed in your transcript of records if you apply to the Study Program Service BGU or the KIT Studierendenservice.

Second repeat examination / request for second repeat examination

With the final failure of an examination, the examination entitlement in the study program expires. Participation in further examinations is thus excluded. Exceptions are examinations for which students are already registered. At the end of the current semester, the student is exmatriculated ex officio in the event of a final failure.
In such cases, a request can be made for a second repetition. The request is to be addressed to the examination board responsible for your study program.

In case of rejection by the examination board, a new request can be sent directly to the president, who will then make the final decision. Requests for third repetition are excluded!

If the request is approved, in the case of a written examination, one receives another written attempt and, if necessary, another oral re-examination. In the case of an oral exam, approval gives you another attempt.

Examinations that you wish to take during this time, you take with reservation. The result (including failed) will not be published until the final failed exam has been successfully taken in the second retake attempt.

Exam registrations are made via the BGU study program service. To do this, send us the approved request as a scan and tell us which exam(s) you want us to register you for.

As long as the final failed exam was not passed in the second repeat, the re-registration for the next semester must be done manually in the Student Services. For this purpose, the approval of the second repeat must be submitted.

Forms and documents

Forms for download

For assigning credits from ZAK, HoC and Language Center:
Assignment of unassigned credits (pdf) (in German)

For posting of master's preferential credits:
Transfer of master's preferential credits (pdf) (in German)

For posting master's preferential credits (ONLY for students in Geodesy and Geoinformatics):
Transfer of master's preferential credits GuG (pdf) (in German)

Documents for download

Guideline Bachelor Theses Civil Engineering (pdf) (in German)

Guideline Master Theses Civil Engineering (pdf) (in German)

Guideline Generative KI (pdf) (in German)

Module handbooks

The module handbooks of all study programs at the KIT-Department of Civil Engineering, Geo and Environmental Sciences can be found on the respective study program website, on the websites of the corresponding institutes or on request at the Study Program Service BGU (especially for older versions/SPOs).