Master's program in Regional Science/Spatial Planning

Regular duration of studies: 4 semesters

ECTS credits: 120

Course language: German / German and Spanish

with restricted admission: no

Study structure and contents

Analysis of problems of land use, damage after extreme natural events and conflicts between different land users, especially in developing and emerging countries. Based on the analysis, development of concepts for urban and regional planning that take into account the technical, spatial and temporal contexts.

The guiding idea is a close alliance in research and teaching at the interface of geo, natural and social sciences.

Students can choose between two master programs:

Master's Program in Regional Science/Spatial Planning at KIT with Focus on Strategies for Underdeveloped Regions with the degree "Master of Science, M.Sc." in Regional Science

German-Chilean Master's Program in Regional Science/Spatial Planning with Focus on Natural Risks and Disaster Risk Management at KIT and Universidad de Concepción (UdeC)/Chile with the degrees "Master of Science, M.Sc." in Regional Science + "Magíster en Ciencias Regionales"

  1. Practical experience in disciplines relevant to spatial or planning (e.g. spatial planning, urban planning, geography, economics, sociology, ecology, agriculture and forestry) and/or in the previous discipline
  2. Scientific and critical thinking
  3. Interest in transdisciplinary work
  4. Open-mindedness and initiative


Online via the KIT Applicant Portal 

Module handbooks (website in German)

Study related documents (website in German)

Courses (website in German)

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