Master's program in Mobility and Infrastructure

Regular duration of studies: 4 semesters

ECTS credits: 120

Course language: German

with restricted admission: no

Study structure and contents

The Master's program in Mobility and Infrastructure aims to prepare graduates in a research-oriented manner for the professional field often called "traffic engineering". The study profiles "Urban and Transport Planning", "Transport Engineering" and "Road Engineering" are offered, which are oriented towards the characteristics of the job description.

The study program is completed with a Master's thesis, for which a duration of six months is planned.

Qualification goals

Due to the complementary fields of civil engineering, economics, computer science, architecture (urban development) and mechanical engineering (vehicle technology) implemented in the course of study, graduates possess a knowledge spectrum that ranges from the social background of mobility, the economic interrelationships between users and operators of transport infrastructure to the technical realisation of vehicles and tracks, be it road or rail, as well as the communication and information technology systems that enable and optimise operations. Their comprehensive, interdisciplinary understanding of the breadth and complexity of the task of ensuring mobility in a modern society enables them to plan, build and operate mainly road- or rail-based transport systems. Based on their understanding of existing facts and regulations, graduates are able to develop alternatives, question existing methods and work on their further development, taking into account current developments and scientific discussions.


Online via the KIT Applicant Portal

The MHB contains important information about the study program that supplements the SPO. You will find information on mentoring, module selection and explanatory information on additional services and self-registration of interdisciplinary qualifications.

For students with start from winter semester 2019/20 (SPO 2019)
Module handbook (status: March 5, 2024) (pdf, 2.474 kB)

For students with start from winter semester 2013/14 (SPO 2013)
Module handbook (status: March, 28, 2019) (pdf, 3.305 kB) (will not be updated anymore)

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