Master's program in Geography (teaching profession at the Gymnasium level) Extension Subject

Regular duration of studies: 4 semesters

ECTS credits: 120

Course language: German

with restricted admission: no

Study structure and contents

Students studying to become teachers can study geography as a third subject at the KIT within the framework of a complementary Master's program. The Master's program in geography teacher training at grammar schools as a supplementary subject can be started during the teacher training program as well as after its completion.


Admission requirements for the Master's program in Geography (teaching profession at the Gymnasium level) - Extended subject - is a passed Bachelor's degree teaching profession at the Gymnasium level or a course of studies with essentially the same content or an at least equivalent degree at a German university or at a foreign university. The course of study must comprise parts from two subject areas, subject didactics, educational science, school practical studies and at least 180 LP.
An orientation internship of at least three weeks must have been completed at a grammar school, a vocational school, a community school, a secondary modern school, a secondary modern school or a vocational school.
For the selection procedure, the overall grade of the teaching profession-related Bachelor's degree programme and the Abitur grade are taken into account.


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