European Student Card

The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) is a participant in the "European Student Card" initiative, which enables students from Europe to have a simpler and more cost-effective way to access various services from other participating universities.

To participate in the initiative, the KIT-Card can be activated, which allows students to take advantage of the benefits of the "European Student Card". Further information on the card can be found on the official website of the initiative.

The "European Student Card" offers students many benefits, including:

1. Access to discounts: Students can easily access discounts and special offers on various services such as museums, amusement parks, public transportation, and much more with their KIT-Card.

2. Promoting mobility: The "European Student Card" makes it easier for students from Europe to travel abroad for study or internship stays.

3. International recognition: The "European Student Card" is a recognized ID card throughout Europe, allowing students to easily and uncomplicatedly prove their student status and associated benefits.


Overall, the "European Student Card" aims to contribute to the standardization of the European higher education area and provide students with a better experience during their studies.

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