Each doctoral candidate must submit three applications to obtain the doctoral degree. The submission deadline for all applications is 14 days before the respective meeting date of the doctoral committee.

Before starting work on the doctoral thesis, the candidate must submit an application for acceptance as a doctoral candidate to the department office. A prerequisite for acceptance is that the candidate has

  • a master's degree program,
  • a course of study at a university, university of education or university of the arts with a standard period of study of at least four years, or
  • a course of study which builds on an undergraduate course of study at a university, university of education or at another university with the right to award doctorates

in civil engineering, geosciences or environmental sciences with an overall grade of good or better, or has demonstrated that the degree is above average.

Furthermore, the following evidence is required:

  • the preliminary working title of the doctoral thesis,
  • the promise of supervision by a member of the KIT-Department authorized to award doctorates (exemple for a doctoral agreement, see "Doctorate")
  • a curriculum vitae describing the personal and professional career, and
  • a statement on current or previous doctoral applications (annex 5a, pdf, in German).

Furthermore, applicants are required to register via the KHYS online portal Docata.

The doctoral committee decides on possible requirements.

Once the doctoral candidate has been admitted to the doctorate, the preparation of the doctoral thesis can begin. Any conditions imposed can be made in parallel and must be fulfilled at the latest by the time the doctoral application is submitted.



Immatriculation is in principle obligatory for all doctoral students accepted by a KIT-Department, unless they are working at KIT on a full-time basis (>49% contract) and declare that they do not wish to be immatriculated. If no declaration is made, there is consequently an obligation to enroll. For more information, please visit the KHYS website or contact the colleagues from the Service Unit Study and Teaching by email at studierendenservice∂


In due course, an application for the opening of the doctoral procedure is then submitted to the faculty office. In this application, in addition to the final title of the doctoral thesis, the intended members of the doctoral committee should also be named. The following documents should be attached to the application:

  • cover letter
  • a copy of the Bachelor's and Master's degree certificates
  • a curriculum vitae presented in tabular form
  • complete list of all technical-scientific publications
  • a copy of the doctoral thesis (for layout requirements see doctoral regulations)
  • an affidavit and instruction (pdf, in German) of this
  • declaration of good scientific practice

It is recommended that the designated reviewers each receive a copy of the doctoral thesis as well. At least one of the reviewers should not be a co-author on a publication of the candidate that affects the candidate's doctoral thesis in terms of content.

It is the responsibility of the doctoral candidate to schedule an examination date with all members of the doctoral committee. This date must also be coordinated with the faculty office, since several doctoral examinations cannot take place at the same time. Oral examinations should be held during the lecture period.

Doctoral thesis reviews must be submitted to the faculty office at least 14 days prior to the examination date.

See CHECKLIST FOR PROMOTION REQUEST according to PO 2018 (pdf)
See CHECKLIST FOR PROMOTION REQUEST according to PO 2012 (pdf)


Within one year of passing the oral examination, the doctoral thesis must be published by the doctoral candidate in a version approved by the reviewers in accordance with Section 16 (9) of the Doctoral Regulations.

If the deadline according to paragraph 1 is missed, all rights acquired through the doctoral examination expire. Upon written application by the doctoral candidate, the KIT Dean may extend the deadline according to paragraph 1 in justified cases up to a total duration of three years. A further extension is excluded. The KIT library must be notified of the decision in writing.

The doctoral degree certificate will only be applied for once all referees have given their consent. It can usually take about 8 weeks to issue the certificate after the application has been submitted. The certificate will only be issued once the library has confirmed the publication and you have exmatriculated.

You do not have the right to use the doctoral degree, not even with an addition such as "designatus (des.)" or "in spe", before the doctoral degree certificate has been issued.


Please note that the faculty office is not staffed continuously and plan to submit your applications as well as your oral examination early.

Cotutelle agreements for a dual doctorate (exemple, see "Doctorate") should be submitted at least 1 year prior to your planned doctoral application.

The rooms R 305 and R 318 designated for oral examinations and colloquia are equipped with standard technical equipment, which also allows video conferencing. We advise the lecturers to do a technical test before the examination date and offer support for commissioning and testing here on request. Ultimately, the responsibility for the technical process of an exam or colloquium in the hybrid method lies with the candidates.