Master's program in Applied Geosciences

Regular duration of studies: 4 semesters

ECTS credits: 120

Course language: German

with restricted admission: no

Study structure and contents

The Master's program leads to the acquisition of in-depth analytical-methodological and subject-related skills. The degree qualifies students to carry out scientific research and to independently plan, design and implement projects in geoscientifically oriented institutions.

Students can choose between the three profiles "Hydro- & Engineering Geology", "Mineralogy & Geochemistry" and "Energy, Resources & Storage".

In addition, the Master's program can also be freely designed. Within the areas of "Geoscientific Core Competencies", "Geoscientific In-depth Studies" and "Subject-related Supplements", modules can be chosen from the range of courses as desired.

Irrespective of whether students study according to one of the three profiles or choose the modules freely, the courses "Numerical Methods in Earth Sciences", "Mapping Course & Geodata Processing" and "Project Study or Professional Internship" are compulsory for all Master students.

The study program is completed with a Master's thesis, for which a duration of six months is planned.

Qualification goals

Graduates are qualified to independently plan, design and carry out geoscientific projects, can apply the acquired knowledge to specific professional fields and can independently conduct research in defined scientific projects under supervision. Their expanded and deepened knowledge enables them to develop independent solutions and to assess their significance and scope.

The Master's program in Applied Geosciences is application-oriented and is aimed at advanced students who wish to supplement and deepen the knowledge acquired in a Bachelor's program in geosciences. It leads to the acquisition of in-depth technical and analytical-methodological skills.


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