History of the University Karlsruhe (TH)

At the beginning of the University of Karlsruhe stood a civil engineer: Johann Gottfried Tulla. He founded his engineering school in 1807 to train employees for the Baden road and hydraulic engineering administration he had ordered. An architect joined this project: Friedrich Weinbrenner. His building school had emerged from the Architectural Drawing School, which had existed since 1786. By uniting Tulla's engineering school and Weinbrenner's building school with the Freiburg teaching institute for mechanical engineering and a forestry school, the "Polytechnische Schule" was founded on October 7, 1825. It received university character and in 1885 the designation "Technische Hochschule". Tulla, colonel and chief director of the water and road administration of the Grand Duchy of Baden, had prepared the enterprise from long hand. In Paris, soon after Napoleon's coup d'état, he had got to know the Ecole Polytechnique, an institution of higher education that was first intended to teach scientific fundamentals before the prospective engineers specialized in their future profession.

Today, at the Fridericiana, as the university has been called since 1902, basic research and application-oriented scientific work have traditionally come equally into their own. And even today, research is still being carried out in Tulla's special field, the regulation of the Rhine. Since 2002, the Geo and Environmental Sciences work together with Civil Cngineering in this Department. The interlocking and interaction of structures with their surroundings and the study of interventions in urban and cultural landscapes are hereby taken into account during education and in research.

Structurel history since 1832

1832 - 1888 Ingenieurschule (= Fachschule in der Polytechnischen Schule, gebildet aus Tullas Ingenieurschule, getrennt von der Bauschule für Architekten, auch ohne Maschinenbauer)
1888 - 1911 Abteilung für Ingenieurwesen (gleiche Fächereinteilung, getrennt von Architekten und Maschinenbauern)

Over the course of the 19th century, the "Polytechnische Schule" moves in small steps toward becoming a university, but it is not yet one. The right of habilitation is granted in 1868. With the rectorate constitution of 1895, an important step towards the university is taken. With regard to departmental structures, the right to confer doctorates, granted in 1899, is still missing at first. This also introduces the degree of Diplom-Ingenieur as a regular degree. Before that, there was no regular degree examination. The history of the department is henceforth as follows:

1911 - 1920 Abteilung für Ingenieurwesen einschließlich Vermessungswesen
1920 - 1937 Abteilung für Bauingenieurwesen einschließlich Vermessungswesen
1937 - 1941 Fakultät für Bauingenieurwesen einschließlich Vermessungswesen (eine nur nominelle Veränderung)
1941 - 1945 Fakultät für Bauwesen (darin: 1. Abteilung für Architektur, 2. Abteilung für Bauingenieurwesen)
1946 - 1948 Fakultät für Bauingenieurwesen (ohne Architekten)
1948 - 1966 Fakultät für Bauwesen (darin: 4. Abteilung für Architektur, 5. Abteilung für Bauingenieurwesen; erst ab dem Wintersemester 1949/50 sind die Abteilungen im Vorlesungs- und Personalverzeichnis mit der vorstehenden fakultätsübergreifenden Zählung aufgeführt)
1966 - 2002 Fakultät für Bauingenieur- und Vermessungswesen
2002 - Fakultät für Bauingenieur-, Geo- und Umweltwissenschaften