Master's program in Engineering Structures

Regular duration of studies: 4 semesters

ECTS credits: 120

Course language: German

with restricted admission: yes

Study structure and contents

The master’s course aims to train scientifically trained and specialized engineers with a clear focus on real national and international needs in science and industry. The need can be seen in the areas of "building in existing structures", "structural analyzes" and "composite materials, joining processes".

The study profiles "Construction Engineering", "Modeling and Simulation in Construction Engineering", "Building Preservation, Building Materials and Building Physics" and "Geotechnics" are offered for the course, based on the different characteristics of the job description.

The course ends with a master’s thesis, which takes six months to complete.

Qualification goals

Graduates can bring together, analyze, interpret and evaluate problem-oriented relevant information from various sources and, based on this, take positions and make decisions. They are able to expand their knowledge and skills independently and to develop advanced learning processes.

You can develop new ideas and solutions to basic or unusual questions, carry out largely independent research and application-oriented projects, independently develop and work on scientific questions and carry out the critical analysis, development and synthesis of new and complex ideas.


Online via the KIT Applicant Portal

The MHB contains important information about the study program that supplements the SPO. You will find information on mentoring, module selection and explanatory information on additional services and self-registration of interdisciplinary qualifications.

For students with start from winter semester 2019/20 (SPO 2019)
Module handbook (status: March 5, 2024) (pdf, 2.701 kB)

For students with start from winter semester 2013/14 (SPO 2013)
Module handbook (status: March, 26, 2020) (pdf, 2.502 kB) (will not be updated anymore)

Courses and timetables, see course catalogue

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